Rent or lease art. Starting at $30/month
a bank
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Deutsche Telecom
Art as Inspiration - Art as Strategy

It’s been proven that one’s environment plays a key role in success. Why not be in an environment that inspires, improves productivity and drives results? As an accomplished artist Joachim Marx has the ability to help you create an environment that leads you in this direction.

For over 15 years Joachim Marx has been working on this series of original oil on canvas paintings. These artworks are made for lobbies, banks, offices, hotels or also for private homes.

For a business the rental fee is tax deductible.

The paintings can be rotated on a regular basis to bring change and a new look to your space.

Short term rentals (as for film productions or wedding receptions) can be arranged as well. Please inquire about the modalities.

For more informationen on the artist please visit

This is how works:

We will come to your place for a free consultation. On a second visit, we suggest the paintings best suited for your situation and hang the artwork you choose right then. You can also choose any available painitng from this website.

Starting at $30/ month, the monthly rent is 2% of the sales price of the painting. The minimum rental period is one year. Unless canceled, the rental agreement will automatically be extended on a month to month basis with one month notice.

All paintings are for sale. If at any point during a rental term you decide to buy the painting, first year of paid rental fees are applied towards the purchase price.

A leasing option is available too: Lease the artwork for 24 month at 4%, then buy for 15%.

If you are interested or have any questions, please use our contact form or write to info(at) .

some currently available paintings:                                                                                       click here to see more paintings
a101   24"x 72 "   $3,000   $60/month
a196   60"x 60"   $3,750   $75/month
a200   48"x 48"   $4,500   $90/month
a109   30"x 90"    $3,750   $75/month
Nathanael Church
a169   30"x 60"   $2,800   $56/month
click here to see more paintings
 646 465 0799          info(at)
a168   24"x 48"   $2,250   $45/month
a175   66"x 132"   $6,200   $124/month
a202   40"x 80"   $3,750   $75/month
a204   60"x 60"   $3,750   $75/month
a185   24"x 48"   $2,250   $45/month
a246   24"x 24"   $1,500   $30/month
a222   30"x 90"   $3,750   $75/month
a220   24"x 48"   $2,250   $45/month
a209   36"x 36"   $2,250   $45/month
a211   30"x 60"   $2,800   $56/month
a212   36"x 36"   $2,250   $45/month
a213   32"x 32"   $2,000   $40/month